First aid for bleeding!!!

1    Place the patient in a comfortable position.
2   Apply a clean pad of cotton larger than the size of the wound and press firmly 
3      with the     palm until the bleeding becomes less or stops.
4   If bleeding continues, add more pads of cotton without removing the older ones.
5   When bleeding stops, clean the area with an antiseptic without dislodging any clots.
6   Bandage firmly but not too tightly.
7    The patient should be made to lie down with head in the low position and legs raised by placing the pillow under them
8   Remove all tight clothing.
9   The patient should be made to feel relaxed and should not be allowed to move.
10  Nothing should be given to eat or drink.
11  Hot water bottles or ice bags should not be placed to make the patient feel comfortable.
12   Patient should be taken to the doctor as soon as possible.

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