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How to keep back pain away this winterHolidays are indeed a time to have a lot of fun, but additional stress and busier schedule may end up giving you that intolerable back pain.

  • Minimize or avoid travel-related pain
  • Don''t overpack. Take two smaller bags rather than one heavier big suitcase.
  • Wear comfortable shoes with good arch supports to help you walk long distances, and comfortable, loose-fitting clothes to help you stay comfortable throughout your trip.
  • Give yourself extra time. When you rush, you are less aware of your body movements, which can cause stress and strain on your back.
  • Be careful when lifting bags or luggage-bend at the knee, and don''t try to lift with your back. Ask for help when necessary.
  • Keep shopping safe. Shop during the off-peak hours to avoid having to stand on long lines and walk through crowded areas.
  • Make several small trips, rather that one large trip, to avoid stress and fatigue.
  • Distribute the weight of shopping bags evenly, and avoid carrying bags for too long. Remember to ask a store clerk for assistance with heavy or bulky items.
  • Sit down and rest if you start to feel fatigued.
  • Take care when preparing meals. Prepare meals on a work surface that is most comfortable for you, or at elbow level.
  • Stand on a cushioned mat or non-slip rug to avoid muscle fatigue and back ache.
  • When taking heavy pans from the oven, lift from the knees, not the waist.
  • Decorate your home safely.
  • Take your time, mind your posture, and watch your step as you bend, stoop and stretch to retrieve items from your basement, shed or attic. Don''t lift heavy boxes alone; ask a family member or friend to help you.
  • Use a sturdy stool or ladder for reaching high places.

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