Interesting Computer Trick Make Computer Fast

There are lots of articles and posts available in the internet that describes how you make your computer fast. On of these is applying best performance option in the control panel. But enabling this option you have to compromise with best appearance which you dont want. But dont worry, I have a trick in which you will get best performance without compromising your best appearance settings. I already applied this trick with my PC for the past 10 years and its working fine.
Follow the Steps below.Step1: Right click on desktop and select properties.Step2: In the appearance tab, click on effects, tick the 2nd option(if not already selected) and in the drop down menu select clear type. Uncheckable all the options, then click ok and apply.Now in the theme tab save your settings say my theme for example, then apply and OK Step4: Now right click on my computer, go to advance>performance settings and select adjust for best performance, then click apply then OK.
( Note: if you already performed this step before step 1&2, then you have to select for best appearance first before applying step 1 )Step5: Right click on desktop and select properties Step6: In the theme tab, in the drop down menu of save as option select my current theme and click on apply button. Again in the drop down menu select my theme as you saved earlier and click on apply and then ok and you are done.This is all check your computer speed.. Amazing right, it increased.

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